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Keep your ZURU Fidget Cube™ nearby with Prism. Wrap around your ZURU Fidget Cube™ and can be used with or without the keychain attachment. Customise yours today! 4 colours available.

- Specially designed silicone Prism for protecting and customizing your original ZURU Fidget Cube™ by Antsy Labs.

- Made with high-quality silicone and detachable keychain the original ZURU Fidget Prism is strong, durable and safe for kids and adults alike. Beware of fakes and copies.

- Attach to your school bag, briefcase or keychain.

- The Prism can protect your Fidget Cube™ from scuffs and scratches.

- Available in 4 colours (black, red, aqua and fresh) so you can swap and change throughout the day.

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